Swamp Thing
Alec Holland (Swamp Thing 1990 TV Series)-1-

Real Name

Alec Holland


Swamp Thing, muck magician, swampy



Base of Operations





Secret Identity


United States


former Scientist

Portrayed by

Dick Durock


Swamp Thing (TV series)


Alec Holland was once a brilliant biochemist working in the swamps of Louisiana. He had perfected a chemical compound known as the Bio-Restorative Formula, but before he could celebrate his success, he was murdered by rival scientist Anton Arcane. Holland and his formula collapsed into the swamplands surrounding his laboratory and the formula reacted with the local plant life transforming him into the Swamp Thing. As the Swamp Thing, Alec assumed the position of guardian of the swamps and remained hidden in seclusion from the eyes of man. He always kept an eye out for anything untoward taking place in the swamps, but paid particularly close to the actions of Anton Arcane. The Swamp Thing befriended a nine-year-old boy named Jim Kipp who lived nearby at his grandmother's home. Holland felt a particular kinship with Kipp and kept a watchful eye over him. When Kipp was accosted by "Toad Boy" (one of Arcane's genetic experiments), the Swamp Thing scared him off, earning himself Jim's admiration. The Swamp Thing encountered another of Arcane's experiments, a man named Falco. Falco attempted to assassinate Arcane at the funeral of Savanna Langford, but upon failing to do so, fled into the swamp where he encountered the Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing learned of Falco's hatred for Arcane, and ultimately convinced him to give up his rage and embrace life. In a later incident, the Swamp Thing entered the Langford home in order to aid Jim Kipp who felt that his life was in danger. Circumstances arose that forced the Swamp Thing to remain in the house well past dusk and his powers began to fade. Light from the morning sun rejuvenated him and he was able to leave. It was also at this time that the Swamp Thing used his miraculous healing touch to save the life of Jim's mother, Tressa Kipp, who had been mortally shot by a criminal named Eleanor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Elemental Control
  • Solar Energy Absorption
    • Regeneration (via Sunlight absorption)
  • Healing
  • Telepathy
  • Camuflage : Given that his body is composed of plantlife it naturally blends into wooded areas.


  • Genius-Level Intellect
  • Biochemistry: Alec Holland was an expert in the field of chemistry.
  • Botanist: Expertise in botany. Chiefly in the plantlife of swamps.


  • Swamp water depravation: An extended period seperated from the swamp will cause extreme exhaustion and disorientation.
  • Vulnerability to Darkness: If the Swamp Thing is enclosed within a dark environment for an extended period of time without access to direct sunlight, he will begin to weaken, whither and possibly even die.