Batgirl - BOP 02-1-

Real Name

Barbara Gordon


Oracle, formerly Batgirl


James Gordon (uncle)

Base of Operations

New Gotham




Secret Identity


United States


School Teacher

Portrayed by

Dina Meyer


Birds of Prey (TV series)



Barbara Gordon as Oracle

Barbara Gordon was one of the partners who was trained by New Gotham's nocturnal vigilante, the Batman. She fought at his side as the guise of Batgirl. The Batman trained her in a wide array of skills and she was easily his equal. Together, Batman, along with his partners fought a variety of colorful rogues. But, the greatest of their enemies was the Joker. Her uncle/adopted father was Commissioner James Gordon, but he never knew about her secret identity.In her final mission as Batgirl, she and Batman took on the Joker himself and smashed his orginization and cornered him int the old docks. With their help the Police had him in custody. Later that night he escaped, only for a couple hours. The Joker suprised Barbara at home, shooting her through the stomach as she answered her front door. The bullet struck her spinal cord leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Batman, otherwise known as Bruce Wayne, left New Gotham after Selina Kyle was killed and Barbara was injured. He was apprently distraught over so much tragedy. A few months later Barbara took custody of Bruce's daughter, Helena Kyle. Barbara revealed Helena's family history to her and instilled in her a desire to fight evil. She helped the girl as a mentor teaching her to control her metahuman ability and also trained her to be a metahuman vigilante. Barbara Gordon works by day as an English teacher at the New Gotham High School while at night she works as the Oracle, a technological vigilante. She works from a secured location hidden within the New Gothan Clock Tower where she controls multiple computer systems coordinating multiple information systems. She works as Helena's eyes and ears, keeping her updated on information relevant to whatever she is working on. Their methods often differ but the results are often the same. Barbara takes in a runaway teenager named Dinah Lance, the daughter of Carolyn Lance who is also the Black Canary. She allows the teen to live with her in the clock tower and agrees to train her in crimefighting skills. Out of the group she is more technologically savy. She has extensive knowledge of numerous technologies. She also has a descent amount of scientific knowledge as she is able to test cells for specific things, and is able to build things from scratch. One of those things is a device which allows her limited periods of mobility which she used on two different occassions. One time was to confront an old nemisis she thought she had accidentally killed, Lady Shiva. The other time was during the final fight against Harley Quinn.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Computer Operation: Barbara Gordon was an expert in all areas relating to computer technology including operation, networking, cryptography, surveillance, counter-surveillance and hacking.
  • Master Combatant: Prior to her paralysis, Barbara Gordon was a highly trained physical combatant. Even after the incident that cost her the use of her legs, she still maintained an intensive regiment of daily exercise and kept herself in top fighting form. To compensate for the loss of mobility and to give her a means of self defense she has trained in the use of escrima sticks.
  • Pedagogy: Barbara is a school teacher specializing in literature.


Barbara's paralysis prevented her from engaging in field work most of the time. Although she eventually found a way around such inconveniences, her solutions only allowed her limited periods of mobility.



Barbara invented an electronic device that enabled her full mobility for limited periods of time.


  • Wheelchair
  • Hummer: Barbara drives a black hummer.


  • Batarangs (formerly)
  • Batons: A pair of batons used as a means of self-defense.