Real Name

Bartholomew Patrick Allen


Barry Allen, Flash


Henry and Nora Allen (parents), Jay Allen (brother, deceased), Shawn Allen (nephew), Pollux (genetic clone, deceased)

Base of Operations

Central City, Missouri




Secret Identity


United States


Police scientist

Portrayed by

John Wesley Shipp


Flash (TV series)


Police detective Barry Allen was working in the crime lab at Central City Police Department headquarters when a lightning bolt struck his lab, dousing him in electrified chemicals. He discovered that from this accident he developed the ability to move at superhuman speed. With the help of S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Dr. Christina McGee, Barry learned how to control this ability with the help of a special suit originally made as a prototype deep-sea diving suit. When Barry's brother Jay was murdered by criminal gang leader Nicolas Pike, Barry donned a modified masked version of the suit and called himself the Flash, capturing Pike and bringing him to justice, and then later helping to bring other kinds of criminals such as the The Ghost, Nightshade, Trickster, Captain Cold, Pollux and Mirror Master to justice and now appears as jay Garrick in the new flash tv show and is from earth 3

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Superhuman Speed: He can travel at extraordinary physical speed and can even break the sound barrier.


  • Superhuman Metabolism: He needs to eat large amounts of food to maintain his energy.

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