Real Name

Beatriz Bonilla da Costa


Beatriz da Costa, B.B. da Costa, Fire



Base of Operations

New Metro




Secret Identity


United States



Portrayed by

Michelle Hurd


Justice League (pilot)


B.B. da Costa is a struggling actress living in the city of New Metro who, at some point in her life, gained the ability to create and manipulate flames. She was recruited by J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter to join his Justice League. The other members include Flash, Atom and Green Lantern. When the terrorist, Weatherman begins attacking New Metro by manipulating the weather, the JLA comes to believe it's a new metahuman cryokinetic named Tori Olafsdotter, but soon determine that she's innocent. When Fire's identity is in danger of being exposed by her co-worker, J'onn arrives on the scene disguised as Fire, claiming to know B.B. as a close friend and to have been lent the earrings. When Weatherman attacks the city with massive hailstones, Fire uses her powers to melt them. They soon discover that the meteorologist, Dr. Eno is the Weatherman. While Tori stops Weatherman from destroying the city with a tidal wave, Weatherman is Apprehended. She and the other heroes offer her a costume and offer to let her join the team. She agrees and begins to use the codename "Ice".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Pyrokinesis: The power to generate, control and absorb fire.
    • Flight: By bursting fire behind her she can take off into the sky and control her flight speed by adjusting her flames in response.


  • Water may extinguish her flames.
  • Depleting the oxygen supply may diminish or neutralize her flames.

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