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Deadly Nightshade
Curtis Bohannon 01-1-

Real Name

Curtis Bohannan


Nightshade, Deadly Nightshade


Derek Bohannan (father)

Base of Operations

Central City, Missouri




Public Identity


United States



Portrayed by

Richard Burgi


Flash (TV series)


Curtis Bohannan is a philanthropist and son of the mob boss Derek Bohannan. Curtis had spent his life making up for the actions of his father, whom the original Nightshade had put away. Ater the Nightshade’s brief reappearance, he decided atonement wasn’t enough and used his fortune to build a high-tech lair and to acquire weapons he might need in case the Flash did not join him in his crusade. He put on his own costume, patterned after the original Nightshade's, but with glowing red goggles He decided he would wipe out the criminal stain from Central City, starting with his father’s surviving associates. Calling himself the Deadly Nightshade and using the same type of gun as the original Nightshade, but loaded with real ammunition rather than tranquilizer darts, he embarked on a campaign murdering criminals. During a fight with the original Nightshade and the Flash, Nightshade shot him with a tranquilizer dart and he was apprehended.



  • Handguns: Deadly Nightshade, Unlike his heroic inspiration, used real ammunition to murder criminals.

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