Wonder Woman
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Real Name

Diana of Paradise Island


Diana of Paradise Island, Princess Diana of Paradise Island, Princess Diana, Diana Prince, Wonder Woman


Hippolyta (mother), Drusilla (sister)

Base of Operations

Washington, D.C., formerly Paradise Island




Secret Identity


Themysciran, United States


Government Agent, formerly Yeoman

Portrayed by

Lynda Carter


Wonder Woman (TV series)


Princess Diana of Paradise Island was born in 550 BC in Ancient Greece. Her mother  The Queen led the Amazons to Paradise Island, an uncharted isle in an area commonly known as the "Bermuda Triangle" in the year 24 BC. There the Amazons remained until the year 1942 when Major Steve Trevor of the United States Army Air Corps crash landed after an air battle with a Nazi fighter plane. He revealed the current state of the world, resulting in the Queen deciding to send him back to the outside world with an Amazon to battle along side the Allies. The Queen forbid Diana from participating in the contest to determine the Amazon who was to go to Man's World, but in disguise Diana won. Her mother gave her her costume complete with a sparkling golden tiara, two braclets made of a strong metal called feminium, a special belt that was her main power source of strength away from the island and the golden lasso of truth. Promising to make her mother proud Diana flew to Washington, became Steve's secretary under the alias of Diana Prince and helped fight the war against the evil Nazis. She was soon joined in crime fighting by her younger sister, Drusilla, who assumed the alias of Wonder Girl. During the war, the Nazis invaded Paradise Island in the hopes of collecting the precious feminium for their own personal gain, but Wonder Woman and the other Amazonians stopped them and erased their memory of ever finding the island. After the war was over Wonder Woman returned to the Island to resume her royal duties. Thirty five years later, a plane crashed on the island and Diana was surprised that one of the passengers on board looked like Steve Trevor. After examining his records she found out that he was Steve Trevor, Jr., named after his late father that Wonder Woman had helped during the second World War. Diana donned her suit once again and travelled to Washington again using the alias of Diana Prince, but this time as a government agent for the Inter-Agency Defense Command (IADC). After many more adventures aprehending various criminals such as Pied Piper, Diana joined another agency in Los Angeles.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Immortality: So long as Wonder Woman remained on Paradise Island, she was virtually immortal. Whenever she left the island, Diana's body began to age at the same rate of cellular decay as a normal human being. Upon returning to the island however, her immortality was restored.
  • Superhuman Strength: Wonder Woman was several times stronger than the average human being, and could bend steel pipes in her bare hands, or lift heavy machinery with little to no effort. She could also use her powerful leg muscles to propel herself through the air, leaping over high obstacles such as walls or fences.
  • Transformation: By spinning around in a clockwise motion, Wonder Woman could instantly change from her costumed identity to her Diana Prince disguise and back again.


  • Mimicry: Wonder Woman possessed an uncanny ability to perfectly mimic the voices of others. She has often demonstrated her proficiency at this skill by imitating others while speaking on a telephone. The person on the other end of the line believed that they were in fact speaking to another person altogether, often times, people they shared a great familiarity with.



  • Bracelets of Submission
  • Girdle of Gaea
  • Lasso of Truth


  • Invisible Jet: Wonder Woman possessed a private jet aircraft that was invisible to the human eye. Although all of the contents of the plane were invisible, Diana herself was not, and could usually be seen seemingly floating in mid-air while piloting the craft.


  • Tiara: Wonder Woman occasionally used her tiara as a throwing weapon.


  • The character of Wonder Woman was played by actress Lynda Carter in the 1976-1979 Wonder Woman television series.