Wonder Girl

Real Name



Drusilla Prince, Wonder Girl


Hippolyta (mother), Diana of Paradise Island (sister)

Base of Operations

Washington, D.C., Paradise Island




Secret Identity


Themysciran, United States



Portrayed by

Debra Wigner


Wonder Woman (TV series)


Born as the second daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, Drusilla grew up on Paradise Island, along with her older sister, Princess Diana. After Diana left the island, Drusilla quickly rose to be finest archer and rider of the Amazons. After Diana had been in America as Wonder Woman for a while, the queen felt that it was time for Diana to come back home. So, she sent Drusilla to urge Diana to return to Paradise Island. Diana is reluctant to return, just yet. So, she decides to show Drusilla that the world needs Wonder Woman. She convinces Drusilla to dress like an ordinary, American teenage girl and pose as Diana Prince's little sister, who's visiting Diana for a few days. While on a car trip, along with General Blankenship, they're attacked by Nazi spies, that abduct the general, while leaving Drusilla behind. Unable to contact Diana, she decides to go after the Nazis themselves and transforms into Wonder Girl. Unfortunately, she steps into a trap set by the Nazis, that mistake her for Wonder Woman and chloroform her. She's taken to another hide-out, where she accidentally reveals the location of Paradise Island, prompting the Nazis to invade the island. However, Drusilla eventually manages to escape, exposes a Nazi spy to Steve Trevor and heads back to Paradise Island, to help fight the invading Nazis off. After the crisis was averted, Drusilla remained on Paradise Island. Some weeks later, however, the Queen sent Drusilla to retrieve Diana again, for the bi-millennial celebration of the founding of Paradise Island. Drusilla traveled to Hollywood and befriended an American soldier named Jim Ames. Though, she begins to resent him when she finds out, he's been lying about his heroism. Jim, however, proves himself a true hero and earns Drusilla's crush. Afterwords Drusilla and Diana headed back to Paradise Island, for the celebration.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Immortality: So long as Wonder Girl remained on Paradise Island, she was virtually immortal. Whenever she left the island, Drusilla's body began to age at the same rate of cellular decay as a normal human being. Upon returning to the island however, her immortality was restored.
  • Superhuman Strength: Wonder Girl was several times stronger than the average human being, and could bend steel pipes in her bare hands, or lift heavy machinery with little to no effort. She could also use her powerful leg muscles to propel herself through the air, leaping over high obstacles such as walls or fences.
  • Transformation: By spinning around in a clockwise motion, Wonder Girl could instantly change from her costumed identity to her Drusilla Prince disguise and back again.



  • Bracelets of Submission
  • Girdle of Gaea
  • Lasso of Truth
  • Wonder Girl's Tiara


  • Invisible Jet: She is seen flying in one to that is identical to Diana's, which she used to travel back and forth from Paradise Island to both Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.