Jonathan Kent
Jonathan Kent Smallville Earth 2

Real Name

Jonathan Kent




Hiram Kent (father, deceased), Jessica Kent (mother, deceased), William Clark (father-in-law, deceased), Mary Clark (mother-in-law, deceased), Martha Kent (estranged wife, deceased)

Base of Operations

Smallville, Kansas (Kent farm)




Public Identity


United States


None/former farmer

Portrayed by

John Schneider


Earth-Smallville 2


Jonathan was born in Smallville, Kansas to Hiram and Jessica Kent. Jonathan inherited his family's farm after the death of his parents, Hiram and Jessica. At some point in his life, he met a girl named Martha Kent and fell in love. They married and she moved to Smallville to help him manage the Kent Farm, growing organic produce. Jonathan and Martha tried to have children, but were faced with infertility. In October 1989, a meteor shower hit Smallville, causing their crops to burn. With their livelihood gone, Jonathan couldn't pay the bills. Jonathan became obsessed with the Meteor Shower. He knew Clark Luthor came from the meteor shower an wanted revenge on the Luthors. The Queens baught his farm after it was destroyed in the first meteor shower and he began hating Oliver Queen. When Martha couldn't bear to be with him anymore, they separated and she moved back to Metropolis, leaving Jonathan to live on the abandoned Kent farm alone. He finds a heap of gold Kryptonite buried on his farm, hoping it's worth money, but it isn't. After Oliver Queen was murdered by Clark Luthor for revealing that Clark Luthor is the villainous Ultraman and that he's vaulnerable to Green Kryptonite, Jonathan attended his funeral. Jonathan was followed back to his farm by an alternate version of Clark who was sent from Earth-1 to Earth-2 by Clark Luthor. Mistaking him for Clark Luthor, Jonathan knocks Clark out using green kryptonite. Clark explains to Jonathan that he's not Clark Luthor and he's from a world where Jonathan and Martha had raised him, and that he could prove it by showing him his grandfather's shotgun and reciting a quote that Jonathan had told him. Jonathan realizes Clark is telling the truth and lets him go. He wishes Clark luck and calls him "son" before Clark is pulled back into his world by Lois and Emil. Later, Jonathan gets cleaned up and goes to see Martha Kent at her apartment in Metropolis. He is killed when earth is destroyed by The Monitors.

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