Captain Cold
Captain Cold Flash TV Series 01-1-

Real Name

Leonard Snart


Leonard Wynters/Captain Cold



Base of Operations





Secret Identity


United States



Portrayed by

Michael Champion


Flash (TV series)


A Hit man named Leonard Snart using the alias Leonard Wynters came into possession of a stolen experimental freezing device and began using it as a weapon. As a result, he picked up the nickname, “Captain Cold”. Snart enjoyed his job immensely, both the killing and the travel. He also had a fierce, if twisted, sense of honor: he always completes a contract, and no one cancels on him. In addition to the "cold gun", he developed smaller weapons, such as miniature cold grenades, which he can use without the main unit. Crime lord Jimmy Swain hired Captain Cold to go to Central City and kill his rivals, freeing Swain to take over the underworld. He succeeded, and Swain took out a hit on the Flash. Snart lured the Flash to him with a series of bomb threats. The Flash survived their first encounter, and Swain canceled the contract. Snart, his sense of honor offended, killed Swain, robbed him, and continued to pursue the Flash. He and the Flash clashed repeatedly, the hero narrowly escaping death each time. Finally, Captain Cold went on a rampage through the streets of Central City, attempting to draw the hero out again. Armed with a heat generator and a mirror, the Flash reflected Cold’s beam back at him, freezing him.



  • Freeze Gun: Snart aquired a stolen freeze gun from it's original thief. It can create ice slicks, shatter metal or entomb victims in suspended animation in blocks of ice.
  • Cold Grenades: Snart invented miniature "Cold Grenades" based on the Cold Gun's technology. They can freeze people and objects and he can use them without the main unit.