Alec Holland (Swamp Thing TV series)Alec Holland (Swamp Thing movies)Alexander Luthor (Donnerverse)
Alexander Luthor (Earth-Smallville 2)Alexander Luthor (Superman Returns)Alfred Pennyworth (Birds of Prey)
Alura-El (Donnerverse)Andrea Thomas (Shazam! Isis hour)Anton Arcane (Swamp Thing TV series)
Anton Arcane (Swamp Thing movies)Atlanna (Aquaman pilot)August Gorman (Donnerverse)
Barbara Gordon (Birds of Prey)Bartholomew Allen (Arrowverse)Bartholomew Allen (Flash TV series)
Bartholomew Allen (Justice League pilot)Beatriz da Costa (Justice League pilot)Bizarro Lana Lang (Superboy TV series)
Bruce Wayne (Birds of Prey)Carolyn Lance (Birds of Prey)Chris Cassius (Birds of Prey)
Clayface (Birds of Prey)Curtis Bohannan (Flash TV series)DCLAU Characters
DC Live Action MediaDesmond Powell (Flash TV series)Diana Prince (Who's Afraid of Diana Prince)
Diana of Paradise Island (Wonder Woman Series)Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman 1974 pilot)Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman 2011 pilot)
Dinah Lance (Birds of Prey)Dru-Zod (Donnerverse)Drusilla (Wonder Woman Series)
Eno (Justice League pilot)Eve Teschmacher (Donnerverse)Gregory Arkin (Earth-Smallville 2)
Guy Gardner (Justice League pilot)Hamlin Rule (Wonder Woman series)Harleen Quinzel (Birds of Prey)
Helena Kyle (Birds of Prey)Hippolyta (Wonder Woman 1974 pilot)Hippolyta (Wonder Woman Series)
J'onn J'onzz (Justice League pilot)James Jesse (Flash TV series)James Olsen (Donnerverse)
James Olsen (Superman Returns)Jason White (Superman Returns)Jodi Melville (Earth-Smallville 2)
JohnJohn Henry Irons (Steel movie)Joker (Birds of Prey)
Jonah Hex (Jonah Hex movie)Jonathan Kent (Donnerverse)Jonathan Kent (Earth-Smallville 2)
Jor-El (Adventures of Superman)Jor-El (Donnerverse)Jor-El (Earth-Smallville 2)
Justin Gaines (Earth-Smallville 2)Kal-El (Adventures of Superboy)Kal-El (Donnerverse)
Kal-El (Earth-Smallville 2)Kal-El (Lois and Clark: Alternate Universe)Kal-El (Superman Returns)
Kara Zor-El (Donnerverse)Lana Lang (Donnerverse)Lana Lang (Lois and Clark)
Lana Lang (Lois and Clark: Alternate Universe)Lana Lang (Superman Returns)Lara-El (Donnerverse)
Lenny Luthor (Donnerverse)Leonard Snart (Flash TV series)Lionel Luthor (Earth-Smallville 2)
Lois Lane (Donnerverse)Lois Lane (Superman Returns)Lois Queen (Earth-Smallville 2)
Lorelei Ambrosia (Donnerverse)Lucy Lane (Donnerverse)Lutessa Luthor (Earth-Smallville 2)
Main PageMartha Kent (Donnerverse)Martha Kent (Earth-Smallville 2)
Martha Kent (Superman Returns)Nadia (Aquaman pilot)Non (Donnerverse)
Nuclear Man (Donnerverse)Oliver Queen (Earth-Smallville 2)Orin (Aquaman pilot)
Otis (Donnerverse)Patience Phillips (Burtonverse)Perry White (Adventures of Superman)
Perry White (Donnerverse)Perry White (Superman Returns)Pollux (Flash TV series)
Raymond Palmer (Justice League pilot)Richard White (Superman Returns)Ross Webster (Donnerverse)
Russell (Flash TV series)Sam Scudder (Flash TV series)Selena (Donnerverse)
Selina Kyle (Birds of Prey)Steven Trevor, Jr. (Wonder Woman Series)Steven Trevor, Sr. (Wonder Woman Series)
Steven Trevor (Wonder Woman 1974 pilot)Tori Olafsdotter (Justice League pilot)Ursa (Donnerverse)
Vera Webster (Donnerverse)William Batson (Shazam! Isis hour)Zaltar (Donnerverse)
Zor-El (Donnerverse)
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File:Cassius clay-1-.jpgFile:Cathy lee crosby cathy lee as wonder woman 1974 2b LUMhqKH.sized-1-.jpgFile:Catwoman - Birds of Prey-1-.jpg
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File:Comic Books live action-Injustice Gang.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Injustice League pt.1.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Injustice League pt.2.jpg
File:Comic Books live action-Justice League 1 pt.2.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Justice League 1 pt.3.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Justice League 1 pt.4.jpg
File:Comic Books live action-Justice League pt.1.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Justice League pt.2.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Justice League pt.4.jpg
File:Comic Books live action-Legion of Doom.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Legion of Doom pt.1.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Legion of Doom pt.2.jpg
File:Comic Books live action-New Avengers.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Secret Society of Super Villains pt.1.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Secret Society of Super Villains pt.2.jpg
File:Comic Books live action-Secret Society of Super Villains pt.3.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Suicide Squad.jpgFile:Comic Books live action-Superman (Clark Kent;Kal-El).jpg
File:Comic Books live action-The Rogues.jpgFile:Curtis Bohannon 01-1-.jpgFile:Dinah BOP 01-1-.jpg
File:General Zod.jpgFile:Glenn-ford-jonathan-kent-1-.jpgFile:Green LanternGuy Gardner-1-.jpg
File:Greg arkin earth-2.jpgFile:Gus gorman-1-.jpgFile:Guygardner-1-.jpg
File:Halle Berry Catwoman HQ 014-1-.jpgFile:HamlinRule-1-.jpgFile:Hippolyta.jpg
File:Hippolyta 1974 film-1-.jpgFile:Ice-1-.jpgFile:Img 352 3251 13-1-.jpg
File:Jodi melville earth-2.jpgFile:Joker-1-.jpgFile:Jonah Hex-1-.jpg
File:Jonathan Kent Smallville Earth 2.jpgFile:Jor-el earth-2.jpgFile:Jorel-RobertRockwell-1-.jpg
File:Justin gaines earth-2.jpgFile:Kara Zor-El Donnerverse 2-1-.jpgFile:Lana Lang Donnerverse 001-1-.jpg
File:Lana Lang Lois and Clark.jpgFile:Lana Lang Lois and Clark Tempus Anyone.jpgFile:Lara-el-superman-1-.jpg
File:Lenny Luthor 01-1-.jpgFile:Lex-1-.jpgFile:Lex luthor earth-2.jpg
File:Lionel Luthor earth-2.jpgFile:Lois Queen Smallville Earth-2.jpgFile:Lois and Clark Alternate Metropolis.jpg
File:Lois and Clark alternate Superman.jpgFile:Lorelei Ambrosia 01-1-.jpgFile:Lucy Lane Donnerverse 01-1-.jpg
File:Lutessa Luthor Smallville Earth-2.jpgFile:Marlon brando-jor el-1-.jpgFile:Martha-1-.jpg
File:Martha kent earth-2.jpgFile:Martianmanhunter-1-.jpgFile:Msteschmacher-1-.jpg
File:Nadia the Siren.jpgFile:Nightshade1-1-.jpgFile:Nuclear Man-1-.jpg
File:Oliver Queen Smallville Earth-2.jpgFile:Otis-1-.jpgFile:Perry-white-1953-1-.jpg
File:Phyllis-thaxter-martha-kent-1-.jpgFile:Pollux Flash TV Series-1-.jpgFile:Richardwhite-1-.jpg
File:Robert-vaughn-superman3-7-1-.jpgFile:Routh-1-.jpgFile:S 23725rg fsa ianabercrombie-1-.jpg
File:Sam-huntington-295352-1-.jpgFile:Sam scudder-1-.jpgFile:Selena Donnerverse-1-.jpg
File:Smallville- Bizarro Superman.jpgFile:Smallville-smallville-951827 1920 1080-1-.jpgFile:Split-babsclock-1-.jpg
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File:Superman-returns-lois lane.jpgFile:Superman78Lana-1-.jpgFile:Superman Movie-1-.jpg
File:Superman returns027-1-.jpgFile:Supermanactores202as6-2-.jpgFile:Swampthing82-1-1.jpg
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