Lois Lane
Superman-returns-lois lane

Real Name

Lois Lane




Sam Lane (father), Ella Lane (mother), Unnamed Sister, Lucy Lane (sister), Perry White (uncle in-law)

Base of Operations





Public Identity


United States



Portrayed by

Kate Bosworth, Margot Kidder


Superman Returns (film)


Lois Lane is a reporter for the Daily Planet. She met Clark Kent when he started working for the paper in his

Margot Kidder as Lois Lane in Superman Returns Prequels (1 and 2)

early 30s. She first encountered Superman when the Daily Planet helicopter she was riding in went out of control and nearly fell off the roof, with Superman surprising her by flying to her rescue. She did an interview with Superman in which she first gave him the name Superman. While she was doing a story out in the West Coast about the land grab going on west of the San Andreas Fault, an earthquake aftershock caused her car to be swallowed up by the ground, choking her to death. Unable to save Lois Lane in time, Superman turned back time in order for her to survive. Lois discovered by accident that Clark Kent was Superman. He then took her to his Fortress of Solitude to tell her everything about himself. Wishing to be with Clark for life, Lois watched as he entered the molecule chamber that stripped him of all his powers, rendering him completely human. After finding out that the Phantom Zone criminals have escaped and are now terrorizing the planet, Clark returns to the Fortress to seek a way to have his powers restored while Lois returned to Metropolis, waiting for him at the Daily Planet when the three rogue Kryptonians and Lex Luthor showed up, telling them to take Lois hostage. Then Clark shows up as Superman and challenges the criminals to a fight throughout Metropolis, which he later takes to his Fortress of Solitude where he stripped them of their powers and sent them falling into the abyss. After returning Lois back home and meeting her the next day at the Daily Planet, Clark gave her a kiss that erased her memory of Clark being Superman, restoring her to the old confident self that he once knew of her. When Superman left earth, Lois had to deal with his five years of absence. She had already left behind their relationship, even earning a Pulitzer Prize with her Why the World Doesn't Need Superman article. She has also has become engaged to marry Richard White, Perry White's nephew. She gives birth to Superman's child, but believes it to be Richard's. Richard and Lois name him Jason. Clark Kent returns to earth and returns to his job at the Daily Planet. A blackout caused by Lex Luthor interferes with the flight test of a space shuttle to be launched into space from its piggy-back mounting on an airliner, occupied by Lois Lane, who is covering the story. Lois Lane is rescued by Superman. Back in The Daily Planet Lois comments to Richard that she never loved Superman. Under Perry White's orders, Lois Lane interviews Superman. This ensues in a romantic flight over the river during the night. Superman asks for Lois' forgiveness after he had abandoned her for so much time. Lois Lane investigates the blackout and she and Jason are captured by Luthor and placed in his yacht. The child seems affected by kryptonite and he exhibits unusual strength, hurling a great piano at one of the villain's henchmen. She faxes the coordinates of Luthor's kryptonite fortress to the newspaper. They are imprisoned in a kitchen as the boat begins to sink. Superman intervenes again, rescuing them. Lois and Jason are picked up in an aquaplane piloted by her husband-to-be Richard . After Superman is fatally wounded with a kryptonite dagger used by Lex Luthor and thrown into the ocean, Lois Lane helps retrieving him. She removes the dagger. Superman heals and defeats Luthor, disposing of his continent. Lois Lane and Jason visit Superman in the hospital. Afterwards, Superman visits their home during the night, secretively meeting both Jason and Lois. He repeats some words of insiration given to him by his biological father, Jor-El. Lois is told that Superman has now returned for good. Lois Lane begins to write a new article: Why the World Needs Superman.


  • Lois Lane is played by Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns and Margot Kidder in its prequels, Superman: The Movie and Superman II.