Lois Queen
Lois Queen Smallville Earth-2

Real Name

Lois Queen/formerly Lois Lane




Sam Lane (father, deceased), Ella Lane (mother, deceased), Oliver Queen (husband, deceased), Chloe Sullivan (cousin, deceased), Moira Sullivan (aunt, deceased), Gabe Sullivan (uncle, deceased)

Base of Operations





Public Identity


United States



Portrayed by

Erica Durance


Earth-Smallville 2


Lois Lane is born to Sam and Ella Lane. She gets a job at the Metropolis newspaper LuthorCorp Media, but had a bad relationship with her boss, Clark Luthor. She began dating and later became engaged to Oliver Queen. An alternate version of Clark was walking outside of LuthorCorp Media, when she accidentally hits him with her car. She mistakes him for her earth's Clark and is worried that he'll fire her for this. Oliver steps in to protect her and, during a conversation, Clark discovers that they're engaged, and tells Oliver he was lucky to have her. Later at her engagement party with Oliver she tells him that she loves him because he's the best man she knows and when they're about to kiss, Clark Kent kidnaps Lois to trade her for the mirror box that he thinks Oliver has. Clark takes this opportunity to try and convince Lois that he isn’t Clark Luthor by telling her things about her personality that he's attracted to as well as how his Lois was the only one that can see right through him and straight into his heart. Lois realizes that he's telling the truth and for a moment she experiences a profound connection with him unlike any other she had ever known. He then lets her go. Lois and Oliver get married. After Oliver calls a press conference to reveal that Ultraman is really Clark Luthor, Lois appears worried about her husband's decision but Oliver placates her. Chloe, who is waiting with a sniper rifle and a Kryptonite bullet with which to shoot Ultraman, tells Oliver to protect Lois so she won't get hurt by mistake. When Clark Luthor appears, he comments about Oliver and Chloe's affair, calling Chloe a "harlet" and an offended Lois tells him that her cousin's relationship with Oliver was a mistake and none of his business. Then Clark grabs Oliver and breaks his neck, killing him instantly, leaving Lois devastated. Lois is attending the funeral of her husband, Oliver when she once again encounters Clark Kent after he's sent back to Earth-2 by Clark Luthor and once again mistakes him for Clark Luthor, so she pulls out a piece of kryptonite and threatens to kill him with it until Clark convinces her of his true identity by reminding her of their previous encounter and the conversation they had. Upon realizing who he is, Lois immediately recontains the kryptonite and warns Clark that people are on the look out for him and are carrying kryptonite weapons and suggests that he find a way back to his world as soon as possible. She was killed when earth was destroyed by The Monitors.