Tess Luthor
Lutessa Luthor Smallville Earth-2

Real Name

Lutessa Lena Luthor


Tess Luthor


Lachlan Luthor (grandfather, deceased), Eliza Luthor (grandmother, deceased), Lionel Luthor (father, deceased), Pamela Jenkins (mother, deceased), Lex Luthor (brother, deceased), Clark Luthor (adoptive brother, status unknown)

Base of Operations





Public Identity


United States


None/Former Stockholder of LuthorCorp

Portrayed by

Cassidy Freeman


Earth-Smallville 2


Lutessa Lena "Tess" Luthor was born to Lionel Luthor and her brother's nanny, Pamela Jenkins. Tess gets a new brother after her father adopts a "special" boy that he found while on a business trip to Smallville. She is raised by Lionel after he forced Pamela to leave when his wife, Lillian dies of a heart condition. She, Lex and Clark are all trained to be Lionel's heir and were pitted against one another in the hopes that one of them would prove a worthy successor to his empire. Due to her rebellious attitude and because she was not special, Lionel cut Tess off financially and disowned her. Tess begins having a passionate affair with her adoptive brother, Clark and together planned to use Lionel's mirror box to escape to Earth-1 and make it their own. When another Clark arrived from a parallel Earth, Tess did not take long to realize that they were not the same person and helped Clark realize what happened. After trying to get information about the Kryptonian device from Lionel's office in order to help Clark Kent, she was discovered by Lionel and after a heated argument where Tess claimed that he never loved her, she was arrested by security for having slapped Lionel. She was killed when her earth and the majority of it's residents (exept for Chloe Sullivan) were destroyed by The Monitors.