Martha Kent
Martha kent earth-2

Real Name

Martha Kent/formerly Martha Clark




William Clark (father, deceased), Mary Clark (mother, deceased), Jonathan Kent (estranged husband, deceased), Hiram Kent (father-in-law, deceased), Jessica Kent (mother-in-law, deceased)

Base of Operations

Metropolis/formerly Smallville, Kansas




Public Identity


United States


former farmer

Portrayed by

Annette O'Toole


Earth-Smallville 2


Martha Kent (formerly Clark) was born and raised in Metropolis until she met Jonathan Kent and fell in love. They married and she moved to Smallville, Kansas with Jonathan and helped to manage the Kent Farm, growing organic produce. Jonathan and Martha tried to have children, but were faced with infertility. In October 1989, a meteor shower hit Smallville, causing their crops to burn. With their livelihood gone, Jonathan couldn't pay the bills. Martha couldn't bear to be with him when he became so obsessed with the Meteor Shower and revenge on the Queens and the Luthors, being a shadow of his former self and she left him. She moved out and got an apartment back in Metropolis. She was killed when earth was destroyed by The Monitors.

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