Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen Smallville Earth-2

Real Name

Oliver Queen




Robert Queen and Laura Queen (parents, deceased), Lois Lane (Wife, deceased), Chloe Sullivan (cousin-in-law, deceased), Sam Lane (father-in-law), Ella Lane (mother-in-law, deceased), Lucy Lane (sister-in-law, deceased)

Base of Operations

Metropolis, Queen Industries




Public Identity


United States


CEO of Queen Industries

Portrayed by

Justin Hartley


Earth-Smallville 2


Oliver Queen was born to Robert and Laura Queen. Both of his parents were killed while on their way to visit a prominent politician in Seoul when their plane crashed into the ocean. Oliver began attending Excelsior Academy Preparatory School and was a classmate of Lex and Clark Luthor. After he graduated, he decided to sail away in a private yacht to say goodbye to his parents. The yacht crashed and Oliver barely escaped with his life, activating a life raft and washing ashore on a nearby island. While on the island, Oliver slightly improves his archery skills. Oliver was stranded for five years on the island before managing to escape and return to Star City. Oliver becomes the CEO of his father's company, Queen Industries and begins dating Lois Lane. At some point, he begins having an affair with Lois' cousin, Chloe Sullivan Oliver wants to become a hero, but doesn't have the power to defeat Ultraman. While practicing shots with a bow and arrow, him and Chloe talk about their plan to dig up the town of Smallville in search of the meteor rock they'll need to kill Clark Luthor. Oliver worries he'll make enemies, but Chloe dismisses his concern and tells him it's the only thing that will work for their cause. She then asks why he's there with her instead of with her cousin, his girlfriend. Oliver announces his going to ask Lois to marry him, to which Chloe laughs and snidely rejects the notion. Chloe corrects his shooting posture and he nails the bullseye. They both acknowledge that they've got but one shot against Luthor, and it must count. They embrace and kiss and Oliver tells Chloe that they can't keep seeing each other. Oliver asks Lois to marry him and she accepts. When Lois Lane accidentally hits Clark Kent with her car outside of Luthorcorp Media, Oliver believes him to be Clark Luthor and steps in to protect Lois. During the course of a conversation, Clark discovers that they are engaged, so he tells Oliver he is lucky to have her. Clark Kent, mistakenly thinking Oliver has the Kryptonian mirror box that brought him from Earth-1 to Earth-2, kidnaps Lois at their engagement party and offers to trade her for the box. Oliver goes to meet Clark and, after finding out that Lois is safe, tells Clark that he has no idea what box he is talking about. Oliver reveals that he is hated by many because he takes land away from farmers and searches them for meteor rock. He then exposes Clark to kryptonite and is about to kill him, when Lionel Luthor hits him over the head and reveals that he had the mirror box the entire time. At this point, Oliver realizes that Clark is the "good one" and turns off the kryptonite. Clark tells Oliver to turn on the kryptonite again when Clark Luthor returns and assures Oliver that in the other world, they do save the world together. After Clark departs, Oliver reactivates the Kryptonite just as Clark Luthor returns and momentarily subdues him, but he manages to escape. Oliver and Lois get married. He then calls a press conference to reveal that Ultraman is really Clark Luthor and to announce that Queen Industries is going to provide every citizen of Metropolis with a personal amount of "meteor rock" with which to defend themselves from the villain. Meanwhile, Chloe is waiting with a sniper rifle and a Kryptonite bullet with which to shoot Ultraman, whose appearance on the scene is fully expected. Clark Luthor realizes that it's a trap and grabs Oliver, preventing Chloe from shooting him. Clark snaps Oliver's neck, killing him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Archery: Oliver possesses moderate archery skills, but still required help from Chloe to correct his shooting posture.



  • Bow: Used by Oliver while he's practicing archery.
  • Arrows: Standard arrows used by Oliver while practicing his aim and, with some help, he was able to hit a bullseye.

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