Pollux was a clone of the Flash created when Intell

Barry Allen's clone "Pollux"
Pollux Flash TV Series-1-
Vital statistics
Title Pollux
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Vigilante
Health Deacesed
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Status Deceased
Location Earth 1990;Central City
agen Corp. scientist Jason Brassell's previous attempts to clone humans with super-speed for use in manufacturing resulted in the clones burning up under the stress of super-speed. Brassell having decided what they needed was someone whose body could already withstand it, managed to collect a blood sample from the Flash, then cloned him and accelerated the clone to adulthood. They named him Pollux, after one of the Gemini twins, and gave him a blue outfit modeled on the Flash’s costume, with Intellagen’s logo on his chest. Although Pollux learned rapidly, he still had the emotional maturity of a child. He escaped briefly from the lab, turned a playground merry-go-round into a whirlwind, and encountered both the Flash and Tina McGee. This alerted the Flash to the existence of his double and caused Pollux to develop a crush on Tina. Pollux began contemplating his identity. He asked his maker who he was, and the scientist insisted that he was nobody, he wasn’t even human. They argued, and Pollux threw Brassell’s business partner across the room, killing him. Pollux tracked Tina down, and she introduced him to Barry. Obsessed as he had become with identity, Pollux decided to take on Barry’s. He eventually returned to Intellagen, where Brassell tried to shoot him. He caught the bullet and threw it right back, wounding Brassell. The Flash caught up with him, and they fought until Brassell fired at the Flash before succumbing to his injuries and dying. Pollux jumped in front of the bullet and died.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Superhuman Speed: He can travel at extraordinary physical speed and can even break the sound barrier.


  • Superhuman Metabolism: He needs to eat large amounts of food to maintain his energy.
  • Immaturity: He was aged to adulthood overnight, so he lacked moral guidance and control over his super-speed powers.