The Ghost

Real Name



The Ghost



Base of Operations

Central City, Missouri




public Identity


United States



Portrayed by

Anthony Starke


Flash (TV series)


Russell was a genius who was fascinated by the potential of television. In the 1950s, he decided to use his intelligence to become a criminal and, using the alias The Ghost, found a way to pick up images from television sets, enabling him to eavesdrop on and blackmail officials and businessmen. His personal flair was to issue his demands by TV, using his own pirate transmitter. In 1955, he and his sidekick Ghostess planted bombs throughout downtown Central City, rigged to detonate on his signal if the city did not pay him $1 million. The Nightshade entered his lair and jammed the signal and the malfunctioning equipment burst into flames. Trapped, the Ghost ran to a cryogenic chamber, intending to sleep until 1999, the end of the millennium. He awakened a decade early, in 1990. At first disappointed by the future, he soon realized that video technology had finally caught up to his dream. He recruited a new gang, stole equipment from a telethon, then tracked down Belle and his old tech, Skip. With his skill and Skip’s up-to-date knowledge, he began threatening the city once again and prepared to take out its new champion, the Flash. Armed with more high-tech equipment, the Ghost hacked into the city’s computer networks, causing massive disruptions in traffic, telephones, and computers. He wired his brain directly to the network and demanded $1 billion, or else he would shut everything down. The Nightshade came out of retirement, and with the city blacked out, he and the Flash assaulted the Ghost’s headquarters. The Ghost trapped the Flash in a virtual reality until the Nightshade jammed his equipment. The Flash disconnected the Ghost from the machine, leaving the villain unconscious.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Genius-level Intellect



  • Pirate Transmitter: Russell used his own signal make his threats and to issue his demands.
  • Advanced Technology: Russell had technology capable of sending and recieving information and overhearing private conversations via Television, wiring his own brain into the network and even sending someone into virtual relaity.


  • Bombs: Explosives that Russell used to hold Central city for ransom.

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