Mirror Master
Sam scudder-1-

Real Name

Sam Scudder


Mirror Master



Base of Operations

Central City, Missouri




Public Identity


United States


Proffesional Thief

Portrayed by

David Cassidy


Flash (TV series)


Sam Scudder is a professional thief who stole highly advanced 3-D image projection technology and assumed the alias of Mirror Master. The coin-sized projectors could handle full motion, and Scudder put together a large collection of holograms for intimidation and distraction. He also built a projector into a wrist-mounted device that allowed him to hide his actual location and appear to be somewhere else. Scudder was double-crossed by his partner and lover, Stasia Masters, when they stole an experimental battery from STAR Labs’ west coast branch. She knocked him out, ran off with the battery, and left him to get caught. Masters fled to Central City to meet her contact, but Scudder’s allies were already following her. In desperation, she turned to her old friend, Barry Allen for help. Scudder arrived in Central City and stole a rare crystal that was owned by Dr. Tina McGee who worked at the local STAR branch. Then Scudder attempted to get the battery from Stasia. Mirror Master was defeated when the Flash used an incredibly bright light to drown out his illusions and he and Stasia were both turned in to the police.



  • Miniature Projectors: Coin-sized devices capable of creating realistic full motion 3-D images, which he used primarily as a distraction.
  • Wrist-Mounted Projector: A device on his wrist that allows him to project a realistic image of himself to conceal his true location.


  • The character of Mirror Master was played by David Cassidy in the Flash television series.

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