Catwoman - Birds of Prey-1-

Real Name

Selina Kyle




Helena Kyle (daughter)

Base of Operations

New Gotham


Good/formerly Bad


Secret Identity


United States


Unknown/former thief

Portrayed by

Maggie Baird


Birds of Prey (TV series)


Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, was once the so-called "queen of the criminal underworld" in the city of New Gotham. Several years ago, she encountered her costumed adversary the Batman and the two remarkably fell in love with one another. Their passion produced a daughter, Helena. Helena was born half-human and half metahuman, gifted with heightened agility, reflexes and animal senses. When Helena was a teenager, a metahuman criminal calling himself Clayface murdered Selina Kyle by stabbing her with a knife. At the time, Clayface had assumed the guise of Batman's deadliest adversary the Joker and it was generally accepted that the Joker was responsible for Selina's death. Helena spent years nursing a growing need for vengeance - a need that culminated in her taking up the guise of the nocturnal super-hero the Huntress. Some time after Selina's death, her daughter learned the truth about the true identity of the man who murdered her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Enhanced Strength: Her animal based powers make her physically more powerful. She is several times stronger than one would expect from a woman her size.
  • Enhanced Senses: She has extraordinary night vision. She can also sense when there is danger in her vicinity.
  • Hyper-Reflexes: Her reflexes allow her to move faster than a normal person.