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Steve Trevor, Sr.
Steve trevor sr-1-

Real Name

Steven Trevor


Steve Trevor, Steven Trevor, Sr., Steve Trevor, Sr.


Steve Trevor, Jr. (son)

Base of Operations

Washington, D.C.




Public Identity


United States


United States Officer (rank major General, formerly Major)

Portrayed by

Lyle Waggoner


Wonder Woman (TV series)


Steve Trevor is an officer in the United States Army Air Corps, who has a son named Steve Trevor, Jr. Durng a mission, he crash landed on the uncharted Paradise Island after an air battle with a Nazi fighter plane. He encountered the native amazons and revealed the current state of the world and the Nazi threat. This made The Queen decide to send him back to the outside world with an Amazon to battle along side the Allies. After a series of challenges to determine the most worthy amazon, The Queen's daughter Diana was victorious. Trevor and Diana travel to Washington. Diana became Steve's secretary under the alias of Diana Prince and helped fight the war against the evil Nazis as the costumed superhero Wonder Woman. After Nazis were defeated and the war was won, Wonder Woman returned to Paradise Island. At some point, he was promoted to the rank of Major General. Steve died of unknown causes some time before 1977.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Military Training



  • Fighter jets
  • Jeeps


  • Gun: He carries a Military issue firearm.

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