Real Name






Base of Operations

Argo city




Public Identity




None/formerly City Administrator

Portrayed by

Peter O'Toole


Superman Returns (film), Donnerverse


Zaltar is a resident of Argo City, a city on the planet Krypton. The city was transported into a pocket of trans-dimensional space at the last second in order for it and it's inhabitants to survive the explosion that destroyed the rest of Krypton. He is the City's Administrator and acts as a mentor to young Kara, showing her the miraculous power source of the city called the Omegahedron, which he "borrowed" from the city government without their knowledge. When Kara lost the Omegahedron by causing it to be sucked out into space, Zaltar took responsibility for the loss by having himself be imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. Later, when Kara as Supergirl was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, Zaltar risked his life to help her escape in order to confront Selena and defeat her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Solar Energy Absorption: Although he never had the opportunity to do so, like all Kryptonians, he would develop superhuman abilities while operating under a yellow sun and lose or not aquire them while under a red sun.
    • Enhanced Vision
      • Heat Vision
      • Micro Vision
      • Telescopic Vision
      • X-Ray Vision
    • Flight
    • Hyper-Reflexes
    • Invulnerability
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Healing Factor
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Super-Breath
    • Super-Speed
      • Time Travel: He can move at maximum velocity around a planet or other celestial body with sufficiant gravity to travel back and forth through time.


  • Green Kryptonite: All Kryptonians are vulnerable to exposure from green Kryptonite. Immediate exposure causes great discomfort, while prolonged exposure will prove fatal.
  • Red Solar Radiation: Absorbing the energy of a red sun slowly replaces the stored energy of a yellow sun, preventing kryptonians from aquiring their powers and removing existing powers.
  • Magic: Like all Kryptonians, if he operated under a yellow sun, he would become vaulnerable to various spells.

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